Organize, Preserve and Celebrate Your Memories

You’ve got a million photos, but you can’t find the one you need for that event coming up.  You captured your offspring’s childhood on video – or film, or slides – and you can’t watch any of it anymore.  Your kids send you lots of photos and videos of their lives or of the grandkids, but it’s all scattered across emails, texts, and Facebook.

What you need is your photo collection modernized, organized and preserved so you can enjoy, share and celebrate your memories.  And that’s exactly what I do.


Who I Work With

You’ve had a full life, and now you have a life full of photos and memories… and you’re still taking pictures!  The problem is that as technology has changed, so have all the storage methods. You have photos in boxes and bags, albums and scrapbooks, phones and computers, CDs, DVDs, videotapes, slide trays and more.

You’ve either got it all in one place, where it takes up a lot of room (maybe the whole spare room), or you’ve got it tucked away – in a closet here, under a bed there – throughout your house.  Either way, it’s a big mess and you really know you should do something about it. And then, when you see people on TV digging through the wreckage of fire or some natural disaster looking for their photos and memorabilia – things the insurance money can’t replace – you worry about your own collection should something happen to your home.

Your kids are out of the house, or nearly so, and you know you should finally get around to going through it all, sorting, tossing, scanning….  Your kids don’t want it and you aren’t going to live forever.  But you don’t even know where to begin, the best way to do it, or what equipment and supplies you might need.  Just thinking about it is emotionally draining.

You are ready to hand it all over to someone who knows what they are doing so it will just.get.done.


What That Looks Like

Your collection and your priorities are unique, so that requires a customized plan of photo organizing services designed just for you.  Components of your plan may look like the following:


  • Consistent organizational structure so that you can find any photo, document or video – printed or digital – easily and quickly
  • Deduplication so extras can be removed or repurposed
  • Renaming and redating of photos that are scanned so they can be viewed chronologically
  • Ongoing maintenance and curation of your collection


  • Scanning of photos, slides, memorabilia, and documents, whether you choose to keep the printed originals or not, so that any memories lost to the ravages of time or disaster can be recovered
  • Digitization of videos and home movies of any format so you can watch them again and share with family and friends
  • Color correction and digital restoration of damaged originals
  • Archival-quality storage for printed photos, memorabilia and documents that are to be kept
  • Multiple backups of your digital files so your memories are safe no matter what


  • Favorite memories showcased in beautiful hand-crafted or luxury albums
  • Home movie nights so you can watch your digitized movies or view slideshows created from your photos
  • Photo gifts so you can give something personalized and meaningful
  • Photo displays for your décor such as digital display frames, canvases, wood-mounted photos, metal-mounted photos, poly photo panels, etc.
  • The ability to share photos with others electronically while keeping the bulk of your collection private and secure


Photo Organizing Services

I work with both local and long-distance clients.  

a box of old photographs for photo organizing services

hand holding framed photos of coach and kids

printed photos need photo organizing services

photo albums and scrapbooks need photo organizing services



Premium Photo Organizing


You’ve got digital photos, printed photos, maybe some slides and home movies, along with kids’ artwork, awards and other memorabilia.  You want to get rid of the chaos and be able to revisit your memories – maybe in albums or slideshows, but you don’t have the time or energy to figure it out on your own.  Let me take care of all that for you. Together we’ll create a customized plan to get the results you want.  I’ll do all the work  and you’ll enjoy all the results.


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VIP Digital Photo Organizing


You’ve got digital photos and videos on multiple devices and maybe photo CDs and DVDs.  You’d love to have everything in one place and organized so you can find any photo you’re looking for as well as share with friends and family, but you don’t have the time, or you struggle with the tech.  Let me take care of that for you. Together we’ll create a customized  plan to get the results you want.  I’ll do all the work and you’ll enjoy all the results.


Coming Soon



A Taste of Photo Organizing


You’ve got photos all over your computer – they’re in your email, on your desktop, and who knows where else.  You really want to get a handle on this and get them organized but you wonder whether hiring a photo organizer is right for you.    Here’s an affordable  way to get a small taste of what having your photos organized can feel like (it’s amazing, my clients tell me). Try me out with this bite-sized package to see if hiring a photo organizer is right for you.


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À la Carte Services


You want to get organized, but you want to do some of it yourself and outsource some of it, especially the parts using specialized equipment or knowledge.  Scanning, photo restoration, media digitization and more can be ordered a la carte on a time-available basis. 


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Gift Certificates & Pre-Purchase Options


You’re looking for the perfect gift, but the recipient needs to be involved in the execution of it.  Or maybe you have a big project in mind but need to save up for it.  A Fancy’s Photo Solutions Gift Certificate is the answer.  They never expire and come in two varieties – Conversion Projects and All Other Services – so you can give the gift of memories to someone you care about , or even to yourself!


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Want to know more?   Book a free Discovery Call.  A Discovery Call is your opportunity to get your questions answered about the process of  working with a photo organizer.  There is no obligation or pressure to decide on the call; just a candid conversation to help you make the best decision for you and your photo collection.

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Need a Speaker?

I’ll take my passion and years of photo organizing experience and combine it into a fun, digestible event for your service club, mom’s group or other small organization.

Today, more pictures are taken every two minutes than were taken in the entire 1800s.  Our photos tell the stories of our lives, and those stories tie us to people, places, and emotions.  They are our precious memories, and they are at risk of loss or degradation.

I would be more than happy to provide your group with tips and tricks to organize and preserve their memories so they can continue to enjoy and celebrate them for many years to come.

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What Others Are Saying

Fancy’s Photo Solutions provides me with the perfect motivation and direction to accomplish my photo organization needs.  I really appreciate Fancy’s willingness to help me out with anything related to my photos. She is patient and knowledgeable and knows just how to explain this so I can understand (not an easy task as I am technologically challenged!).  Without Fancy’s Photo Solutions, my photos would just be sitting on my computer hard drive. Instead, my most precious memories are right in front of me bringing me joy.”

photo organizing client Bridget G    Bridget G., Speech & Language Pathologist


“I approached Fancy’s Photo Solutions because I had hundreds of family photos of all sizes that I wanted scanned so that I could organize them and pass them down to my children and grandchildren.    I also had photos on my computer and phone that I wanted to be able to organize as well. At first I was a little hesitant because Fancy’s expertise was with PCs, not Apple products, but we got through that, and I was very pleased with the results.  I found it easy to ask questions, and I didn’t feel intimidated by my lack of certain computer skills. All my photos are now in one digital hub and I can manage them on my own.

“We recently added a new granddaughter to our family. I had my iPad with me and was able to immediately pull up photos of her mother for comparison.  The other grandma still hasn’t located her photos in boxes in the basement. I highly recommend Fancy’s Photo Solutions, and, in fact, I plan to pass out her cards at work.”

 photo organizing client Mary O     Mary O., Medical Doctor