Photo Organizing Service Prices are Going Up - Save Now!
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Inside: I explain the reasons I’m raising my photo organizing service prices in my efforts to be open and transparent. Also learn two ways you can save before the prices go up.

A million years ago in another lifetime I owned a preschool/child care center. One Friday afternoon, the week before July 4th, a father came to pick up his daughter. Payment was due in advance, and he, like many others, paid his daughter’s bill weekly on the Friday before.

He took me aside and asked me what the charge for the following week would be. I told him it would be the same as always.

“But you’re closed on July 4th,” he said.

“True,” I said. “But July 4th is a paid holiday for my staff. The expenses don’t go down so the rate doesn’t go down, as outlined in your contract.”

He was aghast. “You mean I have to pay you for the holiday so you can pay your staff???”

“Yes,” I said, simply (although I was thinking a whole lot more).

He angrily wrote the check and threw it at me, gathered his three-year old and her things and stomped out. 

But what he didn’t understand was that when you pay for child care – or anything else for that matter – there are always costs over and above the time of service or the materials of the product.


Why I’m Raising my Consulting and Photo Organizing Service Prices

These days I don’t have a staff to pay or provide benefits for. And don’t worry – I won’t be charging you for Martin Luther King Jr. Day later this month.

But the costs for my business have been increasing, and I haven’t raised my rates in over 2 years.  So that I may continue to evolve and excel, I must take steps to increase total revenue.

Do I worry about scaring people off? Of course I do, especially in these uncertain times. But I know I provide value. I also know that my value is increasing as my education in photo management helps me to provide ever better service to my clients.

Below I have summed up why I’m raising my Consulting and Photo Organizing Services prices on February 1, 2021. When you purchase my services, you are purchasing so much more than just my time.


1. I invest heavily in learning to be a better photo manager

In the past two years I have attended three conferences held by my professional association, The Photo Managers (formerly the Association of Personal Photo Organizers). I have also purchased and attended classes in photo book design and remote digital photo organizing. And I have purchased the program to become a Certified Photo Manager (although I haven’t yet completed the coursework).

In addition, I purchased courses and other resources to help me grow my business and be a better business person. This is important because this business is now providing my full-time contribution to my family’s income. With my primary immune deficiency I can no longer teach, especially in the time of COVID-19.

I have spent thousands of dollars every year on improving my skills and knowledge, and this is increasing year after year.


2. Many clients want advice and support

This is the reason I added Consulting to my menu of services last year. This is exciting for me because I’ve always loved the teaching part of photo management.

But all of this takes extra time and expert knowledge, knowledge I’ve spent a lot of time and money continuously developing.


3. I invest in the best tools

Whether we are talking software or hardware, to do the best and fastest job on photo management tasks requires an investment.

I have spent multiple thousands on scanners. My high-speed scanner can scan 50 photos per minute, although it’s a little slower at 600 dpi, the resolution of best practice. My slide scanner scans 20-30 slides per minute, once they are in the carousel.

I use multiple paid software programs to batch process photos, to deduplicate, organize by date and more.

I also invest in high quality external hard drives to keep a copy of each clients job, “just in case” they ever lose their collections. I update those hard drives every 3 years and I pay for an online backup service in case of disk failure.

All of these costs add up and must be figured into my prices. And I didn’t even account for inflation or cost of living adjustments.


4. I’m still a lot cheaper than other photo managers

Most full-time photo managers are charging about 50% more than my upcoming raised prices. And yes, some services are a lot cheaper through a Groupon or at a big box store. But it really does come down to getting what you pay for, as many of my clients have found out the hard way.

In addition, unlike most service providers in New Mexico, I will continue to pay all processing fees and required New Mexico Gross Receipts tax from my fees, rather than adding them on top of what I charge.  In total, these charges are  between 12% to 15% of my gross revenue.


Why do I Feel the Need to Explain My Pricing?

I could have just edited the pricing on my website, or just estimated at the new prices and left it at that. But I believe in being open and transparent with you, my audience. Part of that is explaining my pricing and why I charge what I charge so you can make a better buying decision.


How Much Will the Prices Change on February 1, 2021?

Overall the prices will be going up between 20-25%. This varies by the service as some of my services are time based and some are piece based. Photo Organizing Services and Consulting are by necessity time based, whereas scanning and some other upcoming services are easier to price by the piece or the end product.

However, if you have purchased time-based services from me within the last two years (during 2019 and/or 2020), your time-based prices will remain where they are. Whether or not you are a grandmother, I am grandmothering you in at the prices you have been paying. Time-based services are Consulting Sessions (all types) or half-day work sessions.

(I have way more grandmother clients than grandfather clients, so I had to make that joke).


How Can You Save Money Now?

There are two ways you can save now.

The first way is to book me now.

To book a scanning job, contact me at to set it up. I will arrange to get your project and send an estimate with a request for a half-down deposit. As long as I have your deposit by January 31st, your entire project will be billed at the old price, even if completed after February 1st.  You can see my scanning prices here.

To book a Consultation, click here. As long as it is booked and paid for by January 31st, the old price applies, even if it takes place after February 1st.

To purchase one or more half day sessions for $240 (vs $320 at the new pricing), email me at There is a discount for purchasing more than one at a time. Again, if purchased by January 31st, the old price applies no matter when the sessions take place. Half-Day Sessions can be used toward work I perform in my home office or digital work done remotely.

The second way to save is to purchase a Gift Certificate for yourself to use when booking me later.

Gift certificates are always worth their face value, and they never expire. They are perfect if you know you want to hire me but are not ready yet. I will be emailing my Family Photo Keeper Community a discount code for 25% off all Gift Certificates through January 31st to offset the price increase. If you’d like to receive that code, be sure to sign up below.


Get the Discount Code Here

When you join the Family Photo Keeper Community, you’ll get all the photo and memory management help you need…even if you don’t know where to start, or you’ve started and stopped many times before. 

Plus you’ll receive my  free Getting Started Checklist

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