My Workshops are Back - Affordable & Online! (Adult Beverages Optional)

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My workshops are back! Whatever photo management tasks you need to tackle – sorting pictures, organizing digital photos, creating photo books, scrapbooking and more – you can do it at my Family Photo Keeper workshops.

When I was a preteen or young teen, I was talking to a non-parental adult at some activity. I was one of those odd-duck kids who always got along better with the adults in charge of things than the other kids. Memory fails me at exactly what we were talking about – I’m sure I was bemoaning something in my life that wasn’t happening the way I thought it should – and he told me that I needed a round tuit.

I fell for it.  “What’s a round tuit?” I asked.

He pulled a quarter from his pocket and held it out in his hand for me to see. “It’s about this size, and it’s round, like this,” he said, circling his finger over it. “It gives the owner powers to get everything done that needs doing, right now, so they stop putting things off until they get around to it.”

He laughed, and I was embarrassed, but he soothed my ruffled feathers and made it all right. He really was trying to help me see what I needed to do to meet my goal, and that was to take action.




Box of old photos

Your Photo Mess

I’ve written before about the reasons to manage your photo memory collection.  You know you need to take action. You know it’s going to be a big job, and one you may dread, or at least fear a little. There’s so much stuff, it will go everywhere, you can’t possibly get through it all in one session, and then you need to clean it up….

One of my clients told me she was like Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind.” Every time she thought about her photos she’d say “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

And life does have so many demands. It’s easy to keep putting it off and putting it off. You think you’ll get around to it later, one day, maybe next year. Many people put it off so long, they never have to deal with it. But their kids will have to. ???

Fret no more, for I have a solution!

That Was Then, This is Now

For many years I ran album-making workshops in my home. I also ran classes in photo organization, fast & easy album creation, digital workshops and more. I stopped running my workshops and classes two years ago to devote more time to building my business because I essentially had to give up two days for each event I hosted – one for cleaning, shopping and meal prepping, and the second for the event itself.

Not having events for two years has also taken a toll on my own photo management – those events were when I allowed myself to work on my projects. It was also sometimes the only time I saw my friends! Sad, but true. I’ve always been a bit of a hermit, and COVID-19 has made that worse.

I’m one for finding a silver lining, though, and COVID-19 has given us a gift – online events are now mainstream, and they have been for almost a year. But I didn’t really start missing my own projects until recently. Maybe it was the holidays stirring up my nostalgia after a year of cloistering, I don’t know. In any case, I realized that I needed to get back to my own photos.

And then I thought – hey! Why not invite a few people to join me? And then – hey! Why not invite EVERYONE to join me? Well, my current Zoom plan cuts off at 100, but that’s still a great crowd of Family Photo Keepers to gather together to share ideas and cheer each other on.  ?

You Are Invited to My Workshops

And so, my dear reader, you are hereby invited to attend my workshops. Whatever the stage of your photo management journey, there’s a place for you at the Zoom table. Here is your Round Tuit to give you the powers to tackle this task once and for all – whether you need to sort, organize, cull, or create albums, cards or gifts. Can’t you feel the magic?

Click hereto learn more and sign up – you’ll need to scroll about halfway down the page to Upcoming Events. Each event costs $6 to attend and runs for 8.5 hours. You don’t need to commit to the whole time – I always say “Come when you can, leave when you have to.” The time is there for you to use as you need. And, even better, at least one person at each event will win a mystery prize! ?

Although I’ll be working on my own photo memory collection, I will be available to answer questions, give advice, and be a friend. And, occasionally, I may partake in an adult beverage. Won’t you join me?




a gold coin with Round Tuit written on it

Your Turn

Tell me below what photo management task you would tackle first at one of my workshops. I am here to be your cheerleader!


Need help getting control of your photo chaos?  Join my Family Photo Keeper’s Community and you’ll get all the help you need even if you don’t know where to start (or you’ve started and stopped many times).

You’ll receive my weeklyish newsletter, and, as a bonus, I’ll send you my “Getting Started” Checklist.


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