Gift Certificates: Help them Organize, Preserve & Celebrate their Memories


Whether you want to give the gift of memories to someone you care about, or save up to pay for your own photo organizing project, a Fancy’s Photo Solutions Gift Certificate is the answer.  They never expire so they can be used for the face value whenever the recipient is ready.  And they are stackable, meaning they (or you) can use more than one at a time.   Buy them as you can and save up for big projects in this manner.

These certificates come in varying amounts so your friends and family (or even you) can enjoy all of the services that are listed below.

Simply select which certificate you wish to buy and click the button.  Once your payment is made the certificate will be downloaded to your device as a PDF.  

Gift certificate with photos of photo formats

You will also receive the link in your confirmation email in case you want to download it later.  Print it out to enclose in a card or send it as an email attachment.  If you are purchasing for yourself, you can either print them out or save the emails.


What They Can Be Used For  

These certificates can be used for any of the following services:

  • Printed Photo Organizing
  • Photo Scanning
  • Slide Scanning
  • Photo Restoration
  • Digital Photo Organizing
  • Computer Organization (Time Only)
  • Scrapbook or Album Creation (Time Only)
  • Slide show or Video Creation
  • Photo Management Consulting:
    • Phone or Video Consulting
    • Digital Remote Session
    • Photo Manager in Your Pocket

How To Buy Gift Certificates

You can purchase in the dollar amounts below. 

After payment is made, you’ll be directed to download a PDF file of the Gift Certificate (requires the free Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader to view/print).  The PDF can be printed multiple times, however it can only be redeemed once by yourself or your recipient.  Please write your name on any Gift Certificates you are giving.

You may stack Certificates and redeem them together.



$50 Gift Certificate

Buy $50 Certificate


$100 Gift Certificate

Buy $100 Certificate 


$250 Gift Certificate

Buy $250 Certificate


$500 Gift Certificate

Buy $500 Certificate