Photo Display Ideas for Great Gifting: Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

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This post is the second in a 3-part series entitled Creative Photo Gift Ideas. It explores photo display ideas that make great gifts.  You can also download a free printable planner to help you design your photo gift-giving schedule.

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Sometimes the Best Gift is a Photo Gift

When my daughter was young, it was easy to plan gifts for our parents, her grandparents.  We lived 4 hours away from one set and 8 hours away from the other set, so sending photo gifts was an easy choice.  This way they could see how she had grown and what she was doing.  Over the years we sent mugs, buttons, framed prints, calendars, t-shirts and more.

Another reason it was a natural decision was that our parents didn’t need anything from us.  Knick-knacks are easy, but they aren’t usually as meaningful as a photo of a loved one, special event, or a special place.

This was before digital cameras and the internet, and many of these gifts we made by hand, or we took photos somewhere to be framed, mounted or printed.  Today it is so much easier to create photo gifts with digital photos from our phones or computers, and they can even be shipped to the recipient from the manufacturer.

Photo gifts are not only ideal for relatives but also for teachers, coaches, club members and more.  In this post I’ll share some photo display ideas that could really brighten someone’s day.


Photo Display Ideas that Make Great Gifts

This post is the second in a 3-part series entitled Holiday Photo Gift Ideas.  I will add links to all the posts in the series at the end once all I publish the posts.  This post covers photo display ideas for gifts.


Download my free Holiday Gift Planner so you can map out what photo gifts you want to give and to whom.  I’ll also send you my Getting Started Checklist and my weeklyish updates.  I never share your information and there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.



Wall Displays

Wall décor can be simple or stunning and be a constant reminder of loved ones.  I work with several vendors who create beautiful wall décor online in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials.

 Forever has canvas prints and metal and acrylic panels in sizes from 8 x 8 to 36 x 24.  Click Design & Print and then Wall Décor to see more.  And they are offering 50% printing for Black Friday.  Good now through November 30, 2019 with the code BLACKFRIDAY19.

Canvas Photo Display Gift
Canvas Print from Forever
metal and acrylic wall panels
Metal and Acrylic Wall Panels from Forever


MyPhoto has many of the same types of products plus this nifty canvas scroll (sold singly, but this set of two is gorgeous).  


Canvas Scroll as Photo Display Idea
Set of Two Canvas Scolls from MyPhoto

Artifact Uprising has these nice wooden ledges that you can use to display printed photos.  They come in multiple sizes so you can layer them and make a nice display.

Photo Display Idea - wooden ledge
Single Wooden Ledge from Artifact Uprising
Multiple photo ledges
Multiple Wooden Ledges from Artifact Uprising

Shutterfly has Canvas prints that you can order with or without frames.  Also, for some practicality with your sentimentality, give a hanging canvas calendar.

Canvas Print with frame
Canvas Print with Frame from Shutterfly
Photo Calendar
Hanging Canvas Photo Calendar from Shutterfly
Metal Print with recessed wooden frame
Metal Print from Easy Canvas print

Easy Canvas Prints has canvas sizes from 8 x 8 up to 44 x 60, with or without custom framing.  They also have metal prints from 8 x 8 to 32 x 32.  These prints come with a recessed wooden frame that allows for a floating effect once hung.  In addition, they are doing an Early Black Friday promotion of 87% off all Canvas, and shipping within 24 hours (from Austin, Texas).

Tabletop Displays

 MyPhoto has some lovely tabletop displays of acrylic, glass, metal and bamboo.

Photo Display Ideas - Acrylic photo frames
Acrylic Blocks from MyPhoto
Photo in Glass Frame
Glass Frame from MyPhoto
Photo Display Ideas - Bamboo Photo Blocks
Bamboo Blocks from MyPhoto

Artifact Uprising has two versions of a desk calendar—one made of brass and one made of walnut.  They also have a wood and brass display box that holds up to 50 prints—just put your favorite on top and you have a display box.

Photo Display Idea - Brass Photo Calendar
Brass Calendar from Artifact Uprising
Photo Calendar made of wood
Walnut Calendar from Artifact Uprising
photo display box
Photo Display Box from Artifact Uprising

 Shutterfly has a huge collection of tabletop displays made of wood, acrylic, ceramic tile, curved or flat glass, and more.  Here are just a few of the more interesting ones.

Curved glass pint of baby
Curved Glass Print from Shutterfly
Wooden Photo Cube
Wooden Photo Cube from Shutterfly
Double Photo Panel with family photos
Double Wooden Photo Panel from Shutterfly

Nixplay is a line of high-tech digital photo frames and WiFi photo frames that make keeping memories front and center easy and almost effortless.  You can mount it on the wall or leave it free standing.  Their Black Friday Sale offers 30% off bestselling Nixplay Wi-Fi Cloud Frames and runs through November 30th.

group of digital photo display devices
A Variety of frames are offered by Nixplay


Comfy Displays

Photo Blanket with girl and dog
Photo Blanket from Easy Canvas Prints


In my last post I showcased photo blankets from  Personal Throws and ShutterflyEasy Canvas Prints also makes photo blankets in fleece, Sherpa and woven.


Photo pillows are another comfy display option.  Both Shutterfly and Easy Canvas Prints have multiple options.

Photo pillow with dog and balls
Photo Pillow from Easy Canvas Prints
Photo pillow with family photos
Photo Pillow from Shutterfly

Holiday Displays

 Ornaments make great photo gifts, and  MyPhoto  has a beautiful selection of glass, metal, and wooden ornaments.   Shutterfly  has a huge selection made from glass, wood, metal, ceramic.   Shutterfly also has a large selection of other holiday décor that you can personalize with photos, such as stockings, cookie plates, advent calendars and more.  Great for kids! 

Glass photo ornaments with baby and Dog
Glass photo ornaments from MyPhoto
Glass ornament with girl and bokeh design
Bokeh Glass Ornament from Shutterfly
Christmas Stocking with photos of boy and illustration of dinosaur
Photo Stocking from Shutterfly

Photo Gifts Are Forever

My mother died young, in 1994 when my daughter was 4.  My father never remarried and remained in the home until his death in 2014.  I took care of him for his last 5 months of life, and I saw that so little had changed since my mother’s death.  She had redone all the decorating a few years before she died and it remained relatively untouched.  Even all the measuring cups and cooking utensils were right where she left them (along with the spices and teas that my Dad never used).  After my father’s death I cleaned out the house to sell it.  And now all those photo gifts I gave have come back to live with me.

Photo Button with little girl on it
4-Year Old Robyn on a Photo Button I Gave to My Father  Christmas 1994


Start Now

Download my free Holiday Gift Planner below so you can keep track of your photo gift ideas.  I’ll also send you my Getting Started Checklist and my weeklyish emails full of tips and tricks.  Be sure to read the rest of the series with many other photo gift ideas.   



Your Turn

Have you ever given a photo gift?  Comment below and tell us what it was and who you gave it to.


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