The Best Photo Display Ideas for Delightful Gift Giving

Photo Display Ideas

framed family photos on wall
This post explores photo display ideas that make great gifts – wall decor, tabletop displays, accessories  for your furniture, and even seasonal decor.



When my daughter was young, it was easy to plan gifts for our parents, her grandparents.  We lived 4 hours away from one set and 8 hours away from the other set, so sending photo gifts was an easy choice.  This way they could see how she had grown and what she was doing.  Over the years we sent mugs, buttons, framed prints, calendars, t-shirts and more.

Another reason it was a natural decision was that our parents didn’t need anything from us.  Knick-knacks are easy, but they aren’t usually as meaningful as a photo of a loved one, special event, or a special place.

This was before digital cameras and the internet, and many of these gifts we made by hand, or we took photos somewhere to be framed, mounted or printed.  Today it is so much easier to create photo gifts with digital photos from our phones or computers, and they can even be shipped to the recipient from the manufacturer.

Photo gifts are not only ideal for relatives but also for teachers, coaches, club members and more.  In this post I’ll share some photo display ideas that could really brighten someone’s day when given as a gift.


Photo Display Ideas for Wall Decor

Wall décor can be simple or stunning and be a constant reminder of loved ones.  I work with several vendors who create beautiful wall décor online in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials.

Showcase your memories with beautifully crafted templates printed on high quality, archival materials from Forever. They have high quality, textured canvas prints as well as metal and acrylic panels that feature rich, bold colors and a modern feel.  Sizes run from 8 x 8 to 36 x 24.  They also have a lot of sales, so make sure to check the Deals page.

Canvas print of mother holding a toddler

wall panel with collage of family photos



MyPhotohas many of the same types of products plus these cute “Metal Moons.”  These are circular metal wall panels that you can order with a variety of frames, or none.

photo of children on circular wall panel

Airglass (TM) is a new product from MyPhoto.  Billed as the world’s lightest photo wall art.  It’s so light that it comes with a stickable and reposition-able tape. No nails needed. And no damage to the wall! The special backer also makes the glass look like it’s floating.

6 glass photo panels on a wall

The Wooden Picture Ledges from Artifact Uprising lets your recipient layer their favorite prints in the thin groove and rotate them for any occasion. Multiple ledges can be layered for a unique display.

wooden ledge holding photos

Multiple photo ledges

Tabletop Photo Display Ideas


Ellisi Gifts offers these photo slate panels in different sizes and accommodating different numbers of photos.  Made from natural sedimentary stone 3/8” thick, photo slate is handcrafted with chiseled beveled edges. Each piece comes with a black plastic stand and is individually presented in a fitted box.



Ellisi also offers Photo Crystals with several shapes and sizes  of acrylic cubes and crystal blocks.  The 3D laser-engraved effect can be enhanced with an optional LED base.

Skiing family photo engraved into crystal block



tabletop panels with wedding photos on wooden table



These hardboard Tabletop Panels from Forever come in two sizes and can be oriented in portrait or landscape mode.  They also feature a UV-resistant  and scratch-free coating so they’ll look great for a long time.

Today’s reality is that many loving, caring, close-knit families are living in separate cities, states, countries or continents. This is why the founder and CEO of Nixplay created a way for families to stay connected, privately, wherever they may be.  Whether you’re looking for a way to keep in touch with the grandkids, or you want to find a unique way to share memories with your friends, Nixplay’s digital frames have a variety of unbeatable features to make it happen.

group of digital photo display devices

Comfy Photo Display Ideas

You might not expect it from a company named Easy Canvas Prints, but they make some adorable and comfortable pillows and blankets.  The photo pillows come in four sizes, and they are created using 100% polyester and will stand up to any kind of use. The outdoor pillows also go through a treatment that makes them waterproof and mildew resistant so you do not have to worry about leaving them outside.

photo pillow of pet dog on couch


The photo blankets come in several different sizes and three textures:  fleece, sherpa, and woven.  While fleece has the brightest color and sharpest image, the sherpa is the softest and most snuggly.  The woven is beautifully crafted to make a striking throw for a bed, couch or chair.  

photo blanket featuring photos of kids and a dog thrown over a chair

Seasonal Photo Display Ideas

Photo displays make great gift no matter the occasion.  Here are a few photo display ideas that would make gifts for certain holidays and events.  The heart-shaped snow globe would make a great Valentine’s Day gift or for any occasion to show love.  The ornaments can decorate a Christmas tree or more, and a calendar is a great gift for any winter holidays.  Plus the top part has perforations allowing it to be separated after the year ends and stored in 12×12 pockets in an album.  

heart-shaped snow globe with picture of happy couple inside


Glass photo ornaments with baby and Dog

photo calendar with pictures of happy family

Photo Gifts Can Last Forever

My mother died young, in 1994 when my daughter was 4. My father never remarried and remained in the home until his death in 2014.

I took care of him for his last 5 months of life, and I saw that so little had changed since my mother’s death. She had redone all the decorating a few years before she died and it remained relatively untouched. Even all the measuring cups and cooking utensils were right where she left them (along with the spices and teas that my Dad never used).

After my father’s death I cleaned out the house to sell it. And now all those photo gifts I gave have come back to
live with me.


Photo Button with little girl on it



Can’t find the photos you need to make those precious gifts?  Join the Family Photo Keeper community, where you’ll get all the photo and memory management help you need, even if you don’t know where to start (or you’ve started and stopped many times before).   You’ll receive my weekly(ish) newsletter and as a bonus, I’ll send you the my free “Getting Started Checklist.”

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