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A Bite-Sized Taste of Photo Organizing

You’ve got digital photos all over your computer – they’re in your email, on your desktop, and who knows where else. You’re frustrated because you can’t find that picture of Mom that your sister wants, but you know it’s there somewhere.  And you’re worried that if your computer crashes, you wouldn’t even know what you’d lost. You just know you’d be devastated.

You have lots of texts with darling pictures of your children and grandchildren and you would enjoy looking at them more often, but it’s just so much scrolling.  You’d love to do something with them – display them or make an album – to show how they’ve grown and to capture some of their cute stories. But where do you start?

You took lots of photos at the last family reunion, and you’re so glad you did, because you saw family members you hadn’t seen in years.  You would love to share all the photos with that branch of the family tree, but you don’t know the best way to do that.

You’ve tried getting all your photos into one place on your computer, but you don’t know what you may have missed, nor how to organize the blended mess.  And you just know there are duplicates and even triplicates in there. You’re tired of the digital chaos and you wish you could just figure it out.


Imagine If This Weren’t an Issue Anymore….

Having your photos organized makes you feel like a photo ninja.  Not only can you find that picture of Mom for your sister, you can find any photo needed for any event.  And the system you now have in place for making sure every new photo you take (or snag from email, texts, or social media) ends up in queue for your collection, and that just furthers your ninja ranking.

Knowing your photos are stored securely and backed up gives you peace of mind.  If your computer crashes, you drop your phone in the water or your tablet is stolen, you know your photos are safe.  No more anxiety over those catastrophic electronic events.

And now that your photos are organized and protected, you have so many choices as to how to enjoy them.  You can share the family reunion photos with all the attendees electronically. You can make photo books for the grandchildren of their last visit with you.  And maybe you’ll even make a coffee mug for Aunt Bessie from that old photo she loves.


I Can Help You Get There

I’m a personal photo organizer for busy families who value their photos and family stories.  When you work with me, you’ll have a single, organized collection where you can easily find any photo you are looking for, share specific memories with family and friends, and even create beautiful (or funny) photo gifts, if desired.  You’ll also learn systems to make sure that any new digital photos you take or that come your way via any means can be easily added to your collection.


As A Result of This Program, You’ll…

  • Have your photos secured in a single, private, backed-up online photo hub so they are safe from prying eyes, accidental deletions, and more.
  • Benefit from a personalized tagging system so you can find any photo in just a few clicks.
  • Have systems in place so that every new photo you take or get from email, texts, or social media is in queue to be added to your collection.
  • Be able to easily share photos with family and friends so they can enjoy the memories along with you.
  • Have confidence in the safety of your photos so that electronic life events don’t throw you into despair over lost photos.  


You’ll Get Everything You Need to Have Up To 300 Digital Photos Curated into a Single, Secure Collection:

“Round Up Your Photos” Guide:  You’ll receive step-by-step instructions for gathering a small batch of digital photos to be organized and getting them into one folder on your computer.  Just this first step will feel so good, kind of like cleaning out your closet, and you’ll enjoy revisiting your photos. You might even find some you’ve forgotten about!

“Create Your Tags” Guide:  Tags (keywords) are the secret sauce of photo organizing, and this will make it so you can find any photo in your collection with just a few clicks.  You’ll receive detailed instructions for creating your personalized tags, specific to the who-what-when-where of your selected photos.

Pre-Organizing Session:  In this 30-60-minute session we will first review your tags and photos, and then you’ll show me where to apply them using a sampling of your photos.  You’ve done the initial work.  Handing over the final responsibility to me will lighten your load and you’ll be excited to see the final result.

Done for You Digital Photo Organization:  I will do all the organizing and uploading so that you will get to experience firsthand how great having an organized collection can be.

Post Organizing Session:  In this 30-60-minute video call you’ll receive personalized training on how to access your organized collection, how to share photos, and how to best use the collection for your unique needs.  I’ll even show you how you can add descriptions to your photos which will make them more interesting for future generations and preserve your stories.

Free Photo Storage:  You’ll receive a free photo storage account of 2 GB (approximately 500 – 1000 photos, depending on resolution).  There’s no advertising, and your photos will never be sold nor their resolution compressed. You’ll be able to access this account on any internet-enabled device so you can even share your photos while standing in line at the store.

“What’s Next?” Guide:  At the conclusion of our work together you’ll receive guidance on how to manage the rest of your digital photos, videos and precious documents.  You’ll never have to worry about losing track of your digital memories again.


Yes, You Can!

You can finally have your digital photos safe and secure in one place.  Having your photos organized and protected will finally allow you to enjoy and share them the way you thought you would when you pushed that shutter button.  I can help make that happen for you.

Your Investment:  $99


Let’s Get Started

Are you interested in working with me?  Excellent! Here’s what to do:

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Step 2:  Within 48 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your first two guides and instructions for booking the Pre-Organizing session.

Step 3:  Then we’ll hold your first session and get you started on your organized collection.  I can’t wait!


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